Style Cues From Elena of "The Vampire Diaries"

Nina Dobrev’s character, Elena, from “The Vampire Diaries” always looks cute, casual, and put-together. Here are some snapshots of her outfits on the show:


Here are some style cues to take from Elena:
1. Wear a classic leather jacket instead of a hoodie, cardigan, or other light cover-up. Hers add edge to her otherwise simple look. Here are some leather jackets we love:
2. Load up on basics. Along with her leather jacket, Elena wears a lot of basics: slim-fitting tanks, tees, and denim. She wears statement pieces occasionally (at costume parties), but for the most part she keeps her look paired down.
3. Keep it feminine. Elena’s outfits are very basic, but she usually includes some element of girliness, like a lace-trimmed tank.
4. Own a signature piece. Elena always wears the same necklace (see above photos). Your signature could be a fabulous coat, a statement cocktail ring, etc. – something that expresses your personal style and matches most of your wardrobe.

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