Style Idol: We're Just That Into Your Style, Scarlett


Our Style Idol this week is none other than the oh-so-lovely, Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett’s style has wowed fans both on and off the red carpet, though she’s most famous for her glamorous red carpet looks. (And, maybe, her hottie arm candy.) She picks perfect colors that complement her fair complexion and blonde hair and cuts that accentuate her incredible… ahem… assets. She’s become such a fashion icon, she was chosen to be the face of Louis Vuitton, whose current designer is her good friend, Marc Jacobs.

While she goes out on a limb occasionally, she more often than not goes with classic styles, but puts her own twist with great selections of accessories, be it jewelry, hair pieces or shoes. She’s got a look that’s classic Hollywood and she plays up on that well. Overall, Scarlett dolls herself up in ways that make fashionistas ’round the world drool and that puts her way up there on our Style Idol list.







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