Style tips for rainy spring days

rainy day 1 thumb.pngSpring weather is so hit or miss – it’s sunny and breezy one day, it’s rainy and humid the next. But what’s a girl to wear when it’s too hot for a heavy rain coat but too wet to go without one? Here are some tips on how to keep your look both stylish and dry:

  • On your bottom, stick with leggings, skinny jeans, or cropped cuffed pants. When your pants drag on the wet ground, they can tear (plus it feels super uncomfortable). 
  • Avoid wearing shoes that can be damaged by water, like suede or untreated leather. This means leaving your UGG boots at home! Flip flops are another no-no, unless you want to slip. Instead wear a pair of colorful rain boots or waterproof flats.
  • A lightweight trench is classic and a great investment. It will match everything and keep you nice and dry on rainy days. On days when it’s too warm for a coat, wear a lightweight, breathable cotton cardigan that will keep out the chill without making you break out in a sweat (isn’t that the worst feeling?).
  • Be smart about layering – if you don’t want to sweat a lot, wear a moisture-wicking sports undershirt underneath your clothing. If an undershirt isn’t a possibility, make sure you are wearing natural fibers, which let your body breathe, like cotton, silk, or linen. Avoid polyester and other synthetic fibers (check the label on your clothes to see what they’re made of). If you’re cold, add on a scarf or cardigan that can easily be taken off and stashed in your purse if you get warm.
  • Finally, make sure you have a cute umbrella to stash in your purse. But don’t splurge on one – it’s going to end up butchered by the wind or underneath a restaurant table somewhere at some point!
Here are some of our favorite rainy day accessories:
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