The Budget Stylista: Gladiator Sandals

gladiator2The gladiator sandal.

At first glance, they leave me thinking, “Why else would I wear all this stuff on my ankle unless I was going to Delta Sig’s Toga Party?” Unless I was going to grab a stick, part the red sea and call myself the second coming of Moses, Gladiator sandals didn’t really seem like my vibe. I was perfectly happy with my patent leather flats and woven wedges for summer. But then you go to stores like Saks, and Nordstrom, and DSW and Target and the more you see the more you like them. Sort of like The Pussycat Dolls; at first you think what is this crappy song, but by since the radio plays it 3 times every. single. hour, by days end you’re obsessed.

So now with my newfound gladiator obsession, not only do I have the perfect pair of shoes if I do decide to step up to the Moses challenge, but I have those perfect gladiator flats for my maxi dresses and awesome gladiator pumps for my cute summer minis as well.

So here is a whole range of options – from flats to heels, tan to black. There are so many options that it’s a cinch to find not only the ones that won’t give you blisters, but the perfect sandal to flatter your tooties, too! (Note: yes, there is even a pair out there for those of us with cankles. Go for the ones that don’t hug right around your ankle and they will elongate your legs. Trust me….)

gladiator1 gladiator3

target sandal

lulus gladiator lulus2 

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