The Little Black Dress Gone Wild


So it’s Friday night. You need to get ready and you spent far too long watching GLEE on your DVR and chatting with your friends about the best mode of communicating with your crush tonight. Text? G-chat? BBM? You just don’t know! And now you have – uh – 20 minutes to get I-look-damn-good ready.

Enter from stage left, MAJOR problem: you are oh-so-sick of wearing a black dress with black tights and black shoes and a black bag. “Wouldn’t it be so nice if I had a style genie that could just pop in and show me ways to rock my plain black dress with, like, 3 different looks and 8 different trends for the season?” you think to yourself while sighing in front of your drab looking frock. Life is so hard sometimes.

Well, call me a mind reader, call me a genie, call me amazing – I will answer to all. Because I have done just that for you (I know, I’m great).

From lace to leopard there are TONS of options to spruce up that ordinarily dark, boring ensemble of yours. Not to mention it’s a much better way than falling all over yourself while dancing on the tabletops to stick out a bit from the other 9,999 chicks dressed in solid black as well.

So here we go: One Dress, 3 looks, 8 different trends to rock with it.

The Essential Black Mini Dress

black dress

Look #1- Lace & Sequins & Jewels

Lace tights

lace tight

Sequin peep toe

sequins peeps

Jeweled Bracelet

jeweled bracelet 1 jeweled bracelet 2

Look #2 Leathers and Studs and Booties, OH MY

Studded leather jacket

leather jacket



Black tights


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