The new fashion app you need to download ASAP

WhereToGet-App-Thumb.jpgScreen shot 2013-10-09 at 2.36.56 PM.pngIf you are a fan of the music-identifying app Shazam, then you’ll love WhereToGet, the newest fashion app that we just downloaded. Spotted someone wearing something you must have? Instead of going up and asking them where they got it, simply snap a picture and upload it to WhereToGet. Other members (over 500,000 of them!) will look at your photo and post links to where you can buy the style. It also works for TV, celebrities and fashion blogs so next time you’ve gotta have Lucy Hale’s outfit on Pretty Little Liars, just snap and upload! You will be notified when you get a response so you can shop away. Click here to download WhereToGet – it’s free!

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