The stars of 'The Bling Ring' didn't walk away with nearly as much swag as the actual Bling Ring


“As we filmed, the wardrobe changed from Zara and H&M to crazy stuff–Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana. Crazy, crazy, crazy stuff!” enthused Katie Chang (far left, above) to Teen Vogue about the wardroble for The Bling Ring, in which see plays ringleader Rebecca Ahn. She was particularly fond of a Louis Vuitton skirt she wore while filming a scene where the gang is robbing Megan Fox’s house. 

“I was just obsessed with it,” she said. But she didn’t get to keep it. Hey LV, help a rising star out? 
If this proves to be Chang’s breakout role, as many are predicting, I’m sure she won’t have to worry about getting designers to give her clothes for long. 
[Source; Image: PRPhotos]

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