The Weather Outside is Frightful, But You'll Look So Delightful

Brrrr. I don’t know where you were today, but in the Midwest one thing became very clear: winter is here. Yeah, seeing my breath in my apartment was a pretty good reminder that I need to stock up on gloves and scarves – uh – yesterday. Seriously, after walking outside for 10 minutes, I’m surprised my fingers are still able to type right now. Or that they’re even still attached.

After running home and taking a long, hot shower (sorry, Al Gore) I piled on the sweats and sat down to scout out the best, warmest and, of course, stylin’ winter accessories.

Winter accessories are the best way play with color during the cold months (when your jacket is black, your boots are black, and the snow is black), not to mention an affordable way to switch up your style mid-winter. Because let’s face it: by February you will be VERY sick of wearing that same puffy jacket and boots to class. Throw on a new hat, scarf and gloves and it will spruce up your look and your mood!

Whether you have a black, brown or red coat, here are some great options to keep you toasty this winter.

If You’ve Got a Red Coat
A colorful coat (which is a major trend this season) with the same solid color gloves, hat and scarf would be color overkill, especially when you consider that bright red nose you’ll have. This little combo keeps the look cohesive without making you look like a frozen tomato from head to toe. Red and grey is a killer combo, which is why I’m obsessed with these gloves. And opting for a beret over a traditional ski cap keeps you looking fresh and cute instead of like a 12-year-old boy.

Jacket: Macy’s
Gloves: Nordstrom
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Urban Outfitters

If You’ve Got a Black Coat
The black coat is incredibly versatile – duh – but it could really use a little punch. And this scarf/hood combo is just the thing. Ok, so the Hickie Hider it isn’t necessarily budget, but it’s GENIUS. It’s a scarf and hat in one (so, really, it’s actually a pretty good deal) and the bright colors match with almost any jacket (you can wear it with everything – totally worth the price!). Plus, it looks adorbs hanging over the back of your jacket even if you’re not rocking the hood. So whether you are hiding a hickie or are just trying to make it to class without dying from frostbite, this scarf is a must-have. Choose a color found in the scarf and get a solid pair of gloves to match!

Coat: Macy’s
Gloves: Nordstrom
Scarf/Hood: Lululemon

If You’ve Got a Brown Coat
I love me some brown and pink. It’s just such an obvious combination that is all at once neutral and totally sweet. I also happen to have a slight obsession with scarves – especially fun ones – because you can wear them to keep warm and then keep them on as an added accessory once you’re all thawed out. If you’re gonna do a fun scarf, keep the other accessories basic but do not match them all. You want to look put together, not like you just picked up some set at your neighborhood mom shop.

Coat: Macy’s
Gloves: Old Navy
Scarf: Delia’s
Hat: Urban Outfitters

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