Would you wear… a ripped tee?

65937_in_l.jpgOk, so we totally get the whole effortless style thing. And while we don’t embrace garbage bag-chic looks, we do like Ke$ha songs and can appreciate the disheveled trend. But would we pay $1,625 for a ripped tee? Sorry fashion gods, but that’s where we draw the line. I’d rather have two pairs of Louboutins. Or 7 pairs of designer jeans. Or at least an extremely fabulous designer prom dress. (But we’re not judging… if you want to purchase this lovely specimen from Balmain, head on over to Net-A-Porter).

So ridiculous price tags aside, we’re still on the fence about the whole ripped thing. Ripped jeans have become mainstream, so are ripped tops the next big thing? Check out some of our picks from around the web below and let us know – would you wear any of these?

ripped tee thumb.png

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