Conserve your beauty products with these shower rituals

The economy may be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean you should just throw all caution and money to the wind. We’ve come up with a few foolproof ways to not only save money, but save your products, too!

The-Body-Shop-Bath-Lily.jpgUse less shower gel with a pouf
Love shower gel, but hate how much you have to use with a washcloth? Well, the answer is simple — try a pouf! We’ve never seen a shower gel that needs more than a dime-sized amount squeezed onto any pouf, where you may use up to half a bottle on a cloth! An added bonus? They come in every color under the sun!
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Hello-Kitty-Shower-Cap.jpgStop washing your hair every day — get a shower cap!
We know, we know … if you don’t wash your hair every day, it feels greasy and oily. Well, we’re here to tell you that if you just let that happen for a couple weeks, your hair will get on board and be shiny and gorgeous for up to 4 days between washes! Just get a shower cap to protect your strands while in the shower in between.
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Fresh-Sugar-Lemon-Body-Lotion.jpgMoisturize while your skin is still damp
That old adage about your skin being softer if you moisturize while it’s still wet? It’s totally and completely true! But there’s another added benefit — you actually need less lotion if you slather it on damp skin! Try a quarter-sized amount instead of gobs and gobs. We’re serious!
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