Entry Level Lingerie Looks For Every Woman

By Stacy Cox

There are two groups of women reading this article: The first group was the first to stock up on intimate apparel when Victoria’s Secret threw back it’s doors in the mind ’80s causing lingerie to become a part of fashion’s mainstream. These ladies have their drawers lined with scented shelf paper and sachets with items neatly organized.

Then there is the second group of gals (umm, the category I fall into) who toss their pile of hipster, granny panties and plain white bras into a drawer and blindly grab whichever pair touches their hand first in a mad dash to get dressed and out the door. This article is dedicated to you, the lingerie uninitiated.

Think of it as a call to action, to don a little lace, satin, and perhaps a thong or at the very least bikini underwear. And hear this: do it FOR YOU! Even if you don’t have a special someone in your life right now, do it FOR YOURSELF! Make yourself feel indulged, special and discreetly celebrated for the dynamic, hard working, gorgeous person you are. Here are some thoughts and suggestions on the topic.


Cosabella Soire Mesh Boy-Leg Short, $14.99 to $22

I don’t want to jump straight to Fredrick’s of Hollywood out of the gate, so this panty is perfect to get our motors started. Maybe I have been living in the dark ages, but last week while shopping at Dari, a favorite haunt of mine in Los Angeles, the sales staff was educating on me the virtues of Cosabella and explained that, by far, Cosabella has constructed the most comfortable panty around. The black mesh is subtly sexy without being over the top. Feeling adventurous? It comes in many other shades, including nude.


Gap Body Lace-Detailed Ultra Push-Up Bra, $39.50

The site says, “This pretty push-up bra is a must-have in any lingerie drawer.” I couldn’t agree more. And it also comes in red and a really pretty blue shade too.


Dapper Dame Chemise, $42

Ready to tackle Fredricks? I’m not sure either, but here goes… Menswear-inspired fashions are so chic this fall, why not incorporate the look into your unmentionables? This is tremendously sexy and adorable, but I don’t know if I could pull it off. It’s fun to ponder though.


Satin & Lace Chemise Plus, $22

With the lace inserts, this is gorgeous and comes in 13 different colors and offers plus sizes 1X to 3X, proving sexy comes in all sizes. Go Fredericks for fashion-izing all figures!


Old Navy’s Cashmere Hooded Cardigan, $69.50

I think I need to retire my faded Minnie Mouse sweatshirt I throw over my pajama bottoms and upgrade with some yummy cashmere instead.


Felina Victoria Full Busted Underwire Bra, $34 and Thong, $19

Every girl should have at least one matching set for when you want a coordinated look to feel pretty. And when your brain is at max capacity, it makes getting dressed a breeze. I found this one in a few color combinations.

  • http://www.lingerieandunderwear.com/ lovinlingerie

    wearing intimate lingerie makes you feel good about yourself…don’t be shy…try it..even pluz size ladies looks hot with it…

  • Foton

    I love lingerie , just love them & there is no “special somone ” in my life most of the time . Yes, do it for youuuuuuuu . I tossed my granny undies once I started to have my own hard earned money to spend .It made me take good care of body & made me even look & feel more beautiful . The only thing I am not happy about is the fact I am living in Egypt & essential undies here are either very bad, very cheap & very small size quality or that granny style !!! I wish manufacturers here care more about women’s intimates & make it more practical & better . You have a very good tactile industry here but we lack the ideas !!

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