Give Green With Eco-Friendly Presents For Everyone On Your List

Make your gift really count this year with these planet friendly presents:


Stella McCartney / LeSportsac ‘Everday’ Tote

Stella McCartney’s designs for LeSportsac combines a keen fashion sense with high functionality, featuring recycled Eco Polyester. Perfect for the modern woman who loves to work, travel, or shop.

$210 at


Bio-Degradeable Indoor Gardens

This small pot grows either Heirloom Lavender or Japanese Maple in pots made entirely of renewable grain husks, primarily rice hulls, and organic pigments. Great for a housewarming gift or a little something for a co-worker.

Relaxing Lavender, $15.50 or colorful Japanese Maple, $25.50 at


EcoSphere Pod

Hold a world in the palm of your hand. Developed by NASA, the EcoSphere is a complete, closed bio-regenerative ecological system, sealed in hand blown glass. Contains earth, water, air, and life (algae, shrimp, and microbes that provide each other with nutrients).

$59.99 at


Simple ecoSneaks Satire

Laces and pedbeds made from melted plastic bottles, organic cotton lining, recycled car tire outsole and 100% hemp uppers add up to a sneaker that is good for your feet and good for the planet.

$55 at


Fruit Teethers & Tote (Organic Cotton)

This sweet fruit basket of 100% organic cotton teething toys is made the same way we prefer the real thing — with absolutely no pesticides or chemicals used in the production process.

$30 at


Protect Our Earth Glasses

These recycled glasses are made from the bottom halves of Bordeaux bottles that were “rescued” on the way to the landfill. A beautifully silk-screened branch design is accompanied by the phrase ‘Protect Our Earth’ in four languages. Sold as a set of 4.

$45 at


Recycled Gift Wrap

What a cheeky way to give a gift! Made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, this is a perfect wrap for any occasion. Each roll is comprised of two 22″ x 33.75″ sheets.

$8 at


Matt and Nat Feutre Vetro Bag

A stylish, eco-friendly option for work and play, this Feutre Vetro Bag from Matt and Nat is so polished and functional. This large bag is made of 100% recycled water bottles to yield a soft felt finish, accented by lead-free copper hardware and Japanese Paper trim.

$275 at


Recycled Sail Bags

Sailors, take the feel of the open seas back to the shore with this clever messenger-style tote made from real boat sails. The interior authenticity tag unfurls the life of the sail – the type of craft it guided, the type of sail it was and the sea it sailed upon. Available in blue or red.

$125 at


Katharine E Hamnett Organic Peace Tee

Give peace for the holidays. Crafted from organic cotton, this simple pullover has a simple message, printed in environmental waterbased dyes.

$75 at


Solar Gadget Charger

Capable of charging or powering almost any device with a USB port, this compact wonder from Better Energy Systems is lightweight and portable. Place the Solio in sunlight, spread its wings to solar power or charge your iPod®, iPhone®, Blackberry® and more.

$99.95 at

   10% off through 12/31/08, use code: REDTKN

Origins ‘Certified Male’ Set

These convenient grooming greats from nature are great for any guy. Set includes Blade Runner® Energizing Shave Cream (2.5 oz.), Checks and Balances™ Frothy Face Wash (2.5 oz.) and Save the Males™ Multi-Benefit Moisturizer (2.5 oz.).

$37.50 at


I Am Not A Paper Cup

Do your part for the environment with this reusable porcelain cup that looks exactly like a regular, disposable paper cup with a plastic top! But, with double-walls for extra heat insulation and durability, this is an eco-friendly cup that can be used over and over again.

$19.95 at


It’s Easy Being Green Book

The handbook for earth-friendly living is packed with interesting facts, novel ideas and handy tips for making an easy transition into a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Printed on recycled paper, of course. By Crissy Trask.

$12.95 at


Envirosax Market Bags, Set of 5

This set of lightweight mod-print totes includes five colorful polyester bags packed in a pouch small enough to tuck into a glove compartment or handbag. Roomy proportions and reinforced seams allow each bag to hold as much as two plastic grocery bags. Waterproof and machine washable.

$39.95 at

10% off through 12/31/08, use code: REDTKN

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