Four Cutting Edge Denim Designers You Want To Wear Now

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, finding the perfect pair of jeans is as difficult as finding your perfect soulmate. They are either too stiff or too relaxed or too short or too cheap. Hell, these days there are even too many colors and styles to choose from. It is a love affair that always seems to fade with time, but as with anything else, there is always something better around the corner. Let’s sit back and try to get to the bottom of this (no pun intended), shall we?

by Nikki Cho Russo


Bad Boy Rock ‘n’ Roller:

Pratt’s Motor Spirit, recently launched in February, is sure to be a hit this fall. The Norton Motorcycle jean has ’60s aesthetics with the sexy motorcycle style detailing that gals will be swooning over. Do a double hair twirl with an extra rev on your Ducati and he’ll be Hogs ‘n’ Hefers over you!

You can pre-order the Norton Motorcycle jean at

Current-Elliott Boyfriend Jean back view.jpg

Sensitive Artist:

Current/Elliott, poetry in motion with their super soft Japanese denim, simple lines with a vintage feel. This fall’s trend of the ‘boyfriend jean’ is serendipitously found in their appropriately named Boyfriend/1957 jean. Worn a size bigger, with some heels and a furry vest, you’ll be ready to rock some lucky guy’s world.

Current/Elliott is available at

Aristocrat - Windsor Jean in Bishop back view.jpg

Mover ‘n’ Shaker:

Aristocrat, a premium denim brand that launched in Spring 2007. A luxe line of refined, clean and classic jeans that focus on the waistband and yoke rather than the traditional back pocket designs. Meet him for a power lunch in Aristocrat’s Windsor jean in Bishop wash. You’ll have him eating out of your hand.

Aristocrat is available at

Good Society - back view.jpg


Good Society, made of 100% fairly traded organic cotton from India, offers a low-rise of 7.5 inches in both slim and boot cut, as well as a mid-rise of 8.75 inches in a straight leg. 10% of their proceeds go to their various charities. You will surely be whisked away to a third world country in no time, ready to change the world together.

Good Society is available at

Consider it just like a blind date, go willing to try anything for the first time. Who knows, it just may turn out to be a good fit.

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