Link love: greener nurseries, an online storybook, alarm clocks and more


When you’re outfitting a new nursery, certain choices can effect the health of your baby’s environment, even if that impact is relatively small. Here’s how to shop for a greener nursery. [ohdeedoh]

Ralph Lauren, along with Bloomingdales, is presenting an online storybook narrated by Harry Connick Jr. Of course, all the characters are wearing this season’s latest Ralph Lauren fashion and 15% of proceeds will benefit charity. [totsnob]
Need some help getting your kid out of bed for the first day of school?  Here are some cool alarm clocks to help wake them up. [momfinds]
Without the cape, Superman was just mild-mannered, clumsy Clark Kent, who could never quite get the girl. By day, Spider-Man was the shy and dorky Peter Parker. But today’s superheroes have no such vulnerabilities, making them poor role models for boys, psychologists now say. [parentdish]

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