Link love: what you'll spend on back to school shopping, Ikea's new kids furniture and more

2010-07stuva5_rect540.jpgBrother, can you spare $500? That could be what you end up spending on back-to-school shopping this year, even in a recession. [parentdish]

You’re pregnant. You’re totally excited–and totally freaked out. Here are 13 things no one told you about having a baby. [ivillage]
Ikea debuts a new kids furniture line. Stuva is totally modular to give you the freedom to create the combination of pieces and colors that work for you and your child. [ohdeedoh]
Yes, we know you’re supermom, but there’s really no need to cause a spectacle carrying a kid, a diaper bag and a car seat through the security checkpoint in the airport. There’s an easier way to travel, you know. [momfinds]

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