Our favorite shaving products … soon to be yours, too!

Shaving-Products-Image.jpgWe know, we know … shaving is a major pain in the you know what. Who wants to spend the time in the morning, in the evening, anytime really? But considering how amazing our legs feel every time we shave them, we figure we’ll keep doing it. And at least there are some pretty fabulous products out there guaranteed to make it at least a little more enjoyable! Here are our favorites — we have a feeling they’ll become yours, too.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Shave Gel
What makes shaving fun? Shaving with such a beautifully scented gel, of course! We love everything Philosophy does, especially this feminine scent, so you’d better believe this is making its way into our shower.
$15 at sephora.com

The Art of Shaving After-Shave Body Milk in Rose Absolute
The scent of roses and the fact that this makes our legs super soft and smooth makes this luxurious product an absolute must-have.
$36 at beauty.com

Gillette Venus Breeze Razor
Perfect for those days when you just don’t want to bother with the shave gel — because this razor has it built right in!
$10.99 at drugstore.com

Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel in Flirty Mango
Skintimate was the first shave gel we ever used, and we find ourselves going back to it time and again. This luscious scent perks up each and every shave!
$2.99 at drugstore.com

EOS Moisturizing Shave Cream in Lavender Jasmine
Lavender and jasmine make for an indulgent, almost sensuous shaving experience. Can you think of anything better?
$5.15 at soap.com

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