Style Chefs: what are the best maternity wardrobe staples?

Q: I am expecting my first child in March 2013 and I’m completely overwhelmed with how much maternity clothes are out there! I don’t want to buy too much and end up not using it so I’m looking for staples that I can wear now and maybe during the next pregnancy if we decide to have another child. What are your suggestions for must have maternity wear that will last the entire season? 

A: The good news is that there are so many options for maternity wear these days but you’re right, it can be overwhelming. I suggest starting your shopping list with the items that you tend to wear everyday when you’re not pregnant. Do you need suits and dresses for work? Or do you need more casual wear like sweaters, jeans and nice tops? The other factor in making your maternity wear shopping list is to put comfort and function over fashion. Over the course of the nine months, you will continue to grow and this is especially true in your third trimester where many women prefer to forgo any clothing item (such as jeans) that cinches their growing tummy. Often times you can find styles like tunic tops and maxi dresses that aren’t maternity will still fit you and you can also wear through the “fourth trimester” as the baby weight begins to shed. The maternity wardrobe staples I recommend including skinny jeans with an elastic belly panel, a classic tunic shirt and wrap dress, have taken me from my first pregnancy to my third in timeless style and comfort and I truly hope they do the same for you.

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