Winter skin fixes

Well, it’s official – winter is (unfortunately) finally
here. And along with the blustery winds, freezing temperatures and slippery ice
comes one other very unfortunate side effect – raw, cracked and dry skin from your
head to your toes. It’s enough to make one curl up under the comforter and not
come out until April! Luckily, we’ve got some tips and products that should
make getting through the winter a whole lot easier.


When your moisturizer just doesn’t do the trick – no matter
how heavy or “moisturizing” it’s really supposed to be – why not turn to a
sheet mask? These babies are packed with nourishing ingredients that create a
youthful, radiant glow. One of our favorites is the myfaceworks I Need to
($55 for 6 masks at Sodium Hyaluronate smoothes
wrinkles, Glycerine emulsifies and softens, and Imperata Cylindrica Extract
reinforces collagen synthesis and moisture absorption. The result? The glowiest
complexion you’ve seen in weeks.


If you’re like us, your hands are the first thing to go once
winter really kicks in. Truth be told, the second it’s below 50 degrees we’re
already wearing gloves to combat peeling cuticles and cracked knuckles! Weleda
Skin Food
($17.50 at is a total lifesaver. Yes, it’s a bit greasy
when first applied – but after a few minutes, it sinks into skin and leaves
behind the softest, smoothest surface you could ever imagine. Seriously, within
just a few days our hands were back to normal!


It goes without saying that taking long, hot showers is one
of our very favorite winter pastimes. But did you know that this is actually
quite damaging to the skin and dries it out much quicker than taking short,
tepid showers? If you really can’t stand the idea of not standing under a
scalding shower, we don’t blame you – just try to make it as fast as possible.
Combat the accompanying dryness by sloughing off any rough patches with a
super-rich, hydrating body scrub like Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish ($38 at


When the going gets tough, the feet get tougher. Unsightly
peeling can definitely occur once temperatures drop – stuffing your feet into
boots all day and then keeping them free at night can actually be detrimental,
since the change in temperatures speeds up dryness. We love Collective
Wellbeing Moisturizing Foot Butter
($12.50 at You’ll
be shocked at how quickly your feet are back in business thanks to a mixture of
cocoa, shea and illipe nut butters.

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